Thanks for your interest in serving as faculty for a Panther Program!  Whether you are interested in developing a new program or joining an existing program, Pitt Study Abroad has a wealth of information to help you decide which is right for you and guide you through the process.  Below, you will find a brief overview of the Panther Program proposal, submission and approval process.

You can begin by clicking here for more information!

Creating A Studying Abroad Program Process Chart

Step 1

New Program

Concept Proposal

Step 2

Review by Global Partnerships

Program Committee (GPPC)

Step 3

Assigned to Program Manager

for Formal Proposal

Building with Faculty *

Step 4

Full Proposal

Committee Review

  • GRHSS - Logistics
  • GPPC - Curriculum
  • SAO - Budget
Step 5

Vice Provost for Global

Affairs Sends


Proposal to Provost *

* Pending approval in previous step


All programs are re-reviewed every 5 years