Traveling Abroad Checklist

Preparation for your time abroad should include developing an understanding of the current political, social, economic, cultural, health, and technology situations in the country and region. Additionally, it is important to scan for recent events in the popular press. Basic resources that provide extremely useful information by country include:
As soon as you know your destination:
Two months before you go:
One month before you go:
  • Review the insurance and assistance available to you though the University of Pittsburgh as described on the Human Resources website.
  • Ensure your trip is registered with in the in the International SOS MyTrips portal, note that if you booked via Concur or Anthony Travel, your trip should automatically be registered but we encourage to login to make sure your information like email address and other details are added or correct. If you have booked outside of Concur or Anthony, you can manually enter your trip by following the instructions here.
  • Upon registration, we strongly recommend you download the ISOS Assistance App. When you first start the App, you will be asked to enter your Membership Number, please input the following: 399GDA918470. Please note you will have to have a valid data plan for your destination and have location services turned on.
  • Register your travel with the US State Department’s STEP Program
  • Determine your technology needs and obtain technology that meets your needs and will work at your travel destination.
  • Contact your credit card and debit card issuers and add a travel notice to your account.
  • Review emergency protocol guidelines
  • Make copies of important documentation
If you're Taking Students Abroad:
If problems arise:
If you've borrowed a technical device, such as an iPad, laptop or smartphone, all devices must be returned within one week of arrival. Perform the following to secure your data before returning your device.
  • Do not connect a loaned device to Wireless PittNet or to any wired network ports at the University.
  • Transfer any data that you want to keep from the device. CSSD will securely erase the device when you return it, so it is your responsibility to transfer any data that you want to retain.
  • Change your University Computing Account password at My Pitt. Log in, click Manage My Account in the left-hand menu, click Password Change, and follow the instructions.
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Technology Abroad Checklist

  1. Consider using the Technology Loaner Program for International Travel.
  2. Inventory your equipment.
  3. Review the guidelines for using your devices abroad.
  4. Call the Technology Help Desk at 412-624-HELP (4357) to ask any last-minute questions you may have.
  1. Keep your device with you at all times.
  2. Be aware of your surroundings.
  3. Be careful using public networks (WiFi, Cyber Café’, etc.)
  4. Report a lost or stolen device immediately by calling the Technology Help Desk at 412-624-HELP (4357).
  1. Don’t connect your devices to the University’s network until they are checked and rebuilt.
  2. Make arrangements to have your devices erased and rebuilt.
  3. Change your University Computing Account password, but do not do so using any of the devices you took abroad.
  4. Return any devices you borrowed to the Technology Loaner Program for International Travel.