As a means to increase the availability of international related services to Pitt schools and departments, the University Center for International Studies (UCIS) has partnered with United Language Group as a Pitt Preferred Provider for interpretation and translation services. This new vendor is available to all schools and departments for use via this portal. This contract exists as a convenience to those needing these services but is not required for use; nor is it intended as a replacement for those who have already partnered with or are using other service providers. Individuals and departments will arrange for their own services; UCIS is the contract holder and will deduct from the respective departmental accounts after making payment to United Language Group.

About United LanguageĀ Group

Available Services

United Language Group (ULG) is a Language Interpretation Service provider that provides the following services:

  • 24/7/365 access to over 200 languages
  • Written Translation Services available for a flat fixed cost or per word rate. Estimates are available upon request. Simply email your document(s) to our Pitt assigned contact for a quote.
  • On-demand Telephone Interpreting Services
  • On-site Interpreting Services including Court Certified, Medical Certified or Standard options
  • Video Remote Interpreting Services with over 21 VRI languages including American Sign Language
  • Interpreters who are tested to ensure a high level of cultural aptitude and sensitivity

How to Participate

  1. Getting Started: Create an account below with UCIS for billing and tracking purposes.
  2. Arranging Services: You will then be contacted by the Global Operations Support Manager to learn more about what you would like to do and for next steps which can include:
    • For Interpretation Services: The Global Operations Support Manager will send you a University-specific customer service phone number and confirmation code to call in and secure Pitt rates
    • For Translation Services: The Global Operations Support Manager will submit your documents on your behalf for a quote and if approved by you, arrange the translation with ULG and subsequent edits, billing etc.
  3. Payment: Upon fulfillment of services, UCIS will receive an invoice from United Language Group and will subsequently withdraw funds from the Pitt account originally submitted to UCIS by you for billing and tracking purposes. **Please note: ULG is now assessing a 3.5% surcharge on all credit card payments to ULG. Since wire transfers and checks are not accepted, UCIS makes all payments on a University Card. Please be aware that this 3.5% charge will not appear on your estimate but should be factored into your budget when deciding whether or not to accept the quote. This charge will be added when UCIS withdraws from your departmental account. Please see #4 below for details.

Get Started

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