Over the years, two forces have shaped the University’s thinking about international travel of faculty, staff, and students. Firstly, momentous events around the world have made it important for us to be able to quickly identify University personnel abroad. Secondly, as we are increasingly engaged in global programs, it is useful to be able to provide an aggregate overview of the range of engagement abroad each year. Thus, the Council of Deans has adopted a policy that requires registration of international travel for all University students and staff and strongly encourages registration for faculty.

Who Must Register

Per the Office of the Provost Travel Registry Guidelines:

*Student Travel Guidelines: the Office of the Provost has approved Student Travel Guidelines which are administered via the Pitt Study Abroad Office (SAO). All students (Graduate & Undergraduate), per these guidelines, must notify the Pitt SAO of any official University travel (curricular and co-curricular) to ensure they are registered and all necessary forms have been completed regardless of whether or not the travel is a part of Pitt Study Abroad Program.

Registration Exceptions

  • You are Faculty. While not required, you are strongly encouraged to register.
  • You are participating in a program administered through the Study Abroad Office
  • Any student who notified Study Abroad of their travel and filled out the required forms; Pitt SAO will enter that student
  • You are managing a program administered through the Study Abroad Office
  • You are not on University business (e.g., vacation)

How to Register

Trip Registration occurs automatically for those who have booked via Anthony Travel or directly in Concur. All other travel plans must be entered manually. Students who worked with Pitt SAO, will be entered by Pitt SAO.. *It is recommended for all to verify your registration contact information in the portal, even for automatic registrations as migration from Concur can change that information based on your Concur expense management settings.

All international travel registration is conducted through the International SOS MyTrips portal, which can be accessed on the Pitt International SOS page by scrolling down to Travel Tools and clicking the MyTrips button.

 NOTE: This is being used in lieu of the pre-existing University Travel Registry.

Once you have created an initial profile, you will be able to enter emergency contact information, register your trip by submitting your flight segments and hotel details for the appropriate dates, and receive a travel advisory email about your destination. Please note that trip legs are entered independently; therefore, we ask that you enter your return trip when registering, this way, the University and ISOS will know that you are no longer abroad in case of an emergency.



For more information on trip registration or to answer any questions, please contact Global Operations Support: