The University partners with academic institutions across the globe to expand curricular offerings, research collaborations, and intercultural opportunities for mobility of students and faculty. University of Pittsburgh Policy 02-01-05 was developed to provide a mechanism for initiating, amending and/or renewing international agreements. The University’s process for establishing and renewing agreements with international institutions exists to protect the interests of faculty and units working to establish linkages, as well as the University overall. The policy governs agreements having the following characteristics:

…any agreement 1) between the University of Pittsburgh and one or more foreign governments and/or universities or other organizations domiciled outside the United States, regarding the use of this University’s faculty, student, library or other research or instructional resources within the United States or 2) that commits the University of Pittsburgh to the deployment of faculty, student, library or other research or instructional resources outside of the United States.
Those wishing to host visitors (who are not part of an existing Exchange Agreement) and are uncertain if a Visitors Agreement is required; should refer to the Pitt Academic Visitors web-page hosted by the Office of Trade Compliance.

To learn more about how to initiate an inter-institutional international agreement, please visit www.globalpartnerships.pitt.edu.