• When traveling outside the US, if possible, use a credit card to pay for expenses. Use of a credit card reduces the amount of cash that you must carry and generally provides the best exchange rate. The preferred payment method for all travel expenses is the University Travel Card.


  • To reduce the amount of cash you must carry, you should pay for airfare, conference registrations, hotel and car rental with the Travel Card or through the Concur booking and expense management tools. See University Policy 05-07-04, Travel Card for more information.


  • In order to reduce the amount of personal funds used on extended University business trips, you should use your Travel Card when possible. You may obtain a travel advance for the number of anticipated travel days times the per diem for your destination if your destination will not likely take credit cards for transactions. Please note there will be foreign transaction fees associated with your transactions abroad.


  • For extended trips, you may seek reimbursement remotely through the Concur expense management tools. The funds will be direct-deposited to your personal bank account.


  • If you need a cash option (i.e. access to cash during your trip), you have two options:

    • Request your Travel Card be opened for ATM withdrawals by completing a Travel Card Change Request form.

    • Consider requesting a travel advance to transfer departmental funds into your personal bank account so that you can withdraw cash as needed during your trip. Allow three to four days to process the transfer; withdrawal fees apply – see instructions.


For more information on cash management tips or to answer any questions, please contact the following: