Welcome to Global Operations Support

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Passport-iStock_000005134405_LargeThe result of a coordinated inter-departmental effort, this site is designed to provide you with information, resources and a central point of contact if you are traveling overseas, working abroad, or supporting the international research or travel of others. The Global Operations Support office is part of the University Center for International Studies (UCIS) and works with all of the University’s schools, colleges, centers, and regional campuses to facilitate their international efforts.

Our office stands ready to support you should this be your first time dealing with anything international or if you need assistance and guidance for any of your ongoing international projects. We seek to facilitate rather than administer with the goal being to give you a place to go when you are unsure of your next step or of who you need to contact to continue your international work.

We also seek to be a medium of shared communication for improving and streamlining international business processes. We welcome your suggestions and ideas for navigating the administrative side of international work, and we are eager to know of any difficulties you may encounter both here and abroad. Finally, we can help put you in touch with others who have expertise or prior experience in what you or your department are trying to undertake globally. We look forward to supporting you.

For inquiries, you can contact us directly.